Parent info

Junior Navigator forms

Each year, parents of Junior Navigators need to fill out three basic forms: (1) a permission form, titled “Annual Agreement”; (2) the “Junior Navigator Registration” which asks for basic information, and also contains a medical release; and (3) a media release form.

Our year corresponds with the school year, so we need new forms filled out each year on August 15.

“Annual Agreement” or permission form, covers the legal aspects (required each year).

“Junior Navigator Registration”, covers basic contact and other info. we need (required each year).

Navigator Media Recording Release, allows us to use photos and videos we take on during meetings and outings on our Facebook group and this Web site (required each year).

The following form only needs to be filled out if we go on a ski trip:

General Ski Release (only required if we go on a ski trip).

More information

For a good overview of the Navigators program, please visit the national Navigators USA Web site: